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Don’t have time to watch even one 30-minute video a week?  Too bad.
Your competitors do. They’re winning YOUR customers.

Membership to Startup to Growth Library gives you hours of small business educational and professional development videos presented by industry experts. During your membership period, you have unlimited access to the Library and can learn about…..

  • Sales 101

  • Marketing

    • target market (how to segment/generational attributes/how to reach)
    • social media overview and how-to:
      • Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat
    • basic Canva (free graphic arts program)
  • Basic Contract Law

  • Small business insurance

  • Financial topics (coming soon) – know your numbers!

And that is only the beginning.  We are growing!  Each month more videos in the areas of human resources, law, finance and marketing, to name only a few, will become available to you, all in an effort to help YOU become a better and more successful small business owner.  Our videos are in “straight video” as well as voice over PowerPoint style, depending upon the subject matter.  Different subjects lend themselves to different formats, and we respect that!

Join Startup to Growth Library at the Introductory Member Pricing rates below. 

Initial 1-1 Small Business Coaching Special
Startup to Growth Library members can receive an initial consult for $66 (a one-time savings of 56% off the regular $150 initial consult fee). Your consult will be approximately one hour.  Once you have paid for and scheduled your session, we will send you an intake assessment form to gather some general background information about you, your business, you will select up to three areas you want to concentrate on in our initial session.  Let’s get this done!  We look forward to working with you!

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Startup to Growth Library
$26 / month
24/7 Access. Billed monthly.
Online. Anytime.
Small business education.
Legal, Financial, Marketing, Social Media.
Startup to Growth Library
$49 for 3 months
24/7 Access, One-time Payment
Online. Anytime.
One Month Free
Small Business Education
Legal, Financial, Marketing, Social Media
Startup to Growth Library
$119 for 1 year
24/7 Access, One-time Payment
Online. Anytime.
Best Value
Small business education.
Legal, Financial, Marketing, Social Media

Initial 1-to-1 Small Business Coaching Special
One private 55-minute small business coaching session. 56% savings off $150 reg. price.
Private small business coaching about YOU and YOUR business goals.
Attend in-person at our offices, by phone or video.

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