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Small Business Blueprint Coaching - Startup to Growth

Small Business Blueprint Coaching

A customized 1-1 coaching approach where you are guided through the planning process specifically for YOUR business, YOUR timeline and goals. You will create your blueprint for success, including your action steps.

Contact us to set up an initial free consultation at We will discover if we are a good fit to work together, along with your timeline, coaching dates. A 10-session coaching package is currently $1500. Prices subject to increase without notice.

Testimonial: “Robin challenges me to push further, to expand my thinking beyond what’s in front of me, and to step into the confidence that growth is a process tied to actions, not something measured at the end of the year on a spreadsheet.” Heather (Boltz-Doering) McGlone, Ace Strategies

We put the fun back into business planning – seriously!  When you have successfully completed your Small Business Blueprint coaching sessions, you will have a business plan.  It might be on sticky notes, or in a PowerPoint deck, or a map on the wall, or even a 20-page document.  We don’t care what format you choose. We care that you build your small business blueprint and create your action steps for success.

Let’s be honest…most business owners do NOT want to complete their business plan! Oh, they agree in theory that it is necessary, but that’s as far as they go.  This course helps change that conversation.

Small Business Blueprint Coaching

First, we will conduct a needs assessment and then decide which areas to concentrate on. Topics include:

Feasibility – we explore “will it work” for new businesses and growth directions/possibilities for existing businesses.

Strategic Analysis – we help you create your mission, vision and values statements, and establish your goals and objectives.

Key Success Factors – what sets you apart? Where are you different? What factors can you leverage for your success?

Products and Services – we help you become clear about what you are really selling.

Marketing and Sales – from digital to display, we help you look at what marketing mix (including pricing) will work best for you to establish or increase sales.

Finances – from sales projections to budgeting to financial statements, we cover it all.

Legal aspects – we give you a high-level overview of legal entity selection, intellectual property and other legal aspects; we are *not* attorneys!

Management and Operations – from human resources to logistics to day-to-day operations, we will help you understand how your decisions and management skills impact your company.

The Process to Enroll

  • Fill out and submit your application.
  • Email to let us know you submitted your application.
  • We will respond within two business days to set up your Zoom call.  
  • We may also cover these questions in your 1-1 Zoom call, and you can submit your application following our call.
  • Once we have discussed your application and both agree you are a great fit, you must complete your payment before you are accepted.

Contact with any questions.

About Robin Suomi, MBA,  Founder of Startup to Growth, LLC, Small Business Coach and Educator.  Success is rarely accidental. My passion is helping my small business clients move from concept through growth (many surpassing $1M in sales), unleashing their vitality, innovation and creativity as they launch or grow their successful and sustainable companies according to their vision. I have helped thousands of small business owners launch and grow their dreams through 1-1 and group small business coaching, technical small business assistance, mastermind and focus groups, business planning classes, and other educational programs. As an adjunct professor, I taught Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management and Business 101 courses. Our services are delivered live, online.

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