Here are what clients of Startup to Growth have to say….


“Every small business needs Robin Suomi. Seriously. We all work to do the best for our business, but our human nature to avoid uncomfortable things gets in the way even if we don’t notice. I also have a tendency to aim low when setting goals. Robin asks all the right questions to make sure your business planning is complete and worthy of what you offer. Thanks to her coaching and Mastermind program, I have addressed challenges I wanted to avoid and have reaped the benefits. And, I am meeting and exceeding higher goals than what I would have set on my own! Robin also connected me with other professionals that have each made a meaningful difference. I credit Robin with helping me set the foundation for business success.”

Jill Kurtz
Kurtz Digital Strategy
Feb 2020

“Insightful, encouraging, and resourceful are the three words that come to mind when I think of Robin Suomi and Startup to Growth. Robin is a trusted advisor and an important part of our business. I always walk away from our meetings with fresh ideas and sage business advice and tips that help me personally.”

Bryant Wilson
Customizzed Promotional Products
Apr 2020

“When I first started working with Robin, I knew she would be able to help me but I didn’t give her near enough credit!  Within the first week, I made back more than double the money I invested in her and her online library.

Within the first month (3 hours of one-on-one), my gross sales increased by 16% and I gained 17 new clients. But better than that, she helped me put some very strategic items in place for my business that will show growth for years to come.  And her online library is a resource I couldn’t do without! There’s so much “beefy” information in there for small businesses!

On a personal level – Robin truly cares about people and wants them to be successful. I would highly recommend her to anyone with a startup business or anyone, like myself, who may have been in business for a few years but really had some holes in their business and wasn’t seeing huge progress in its growth. Robin can help take you to the next level!”

Tracy Endo, Owner
NoVa Sports Coach
Apr 2018

“Where would I be without the incredible guidance of Robin Suomi? She was instrumental in keeping me steady in my previous business, and absolutely vital in launching my newest endeavor. She is one of the sharpest, most insightful people I have ever met, and a wonderful person to boot. I could not recommend her more highly. Stop what you are doing and sign up right now. I’ll wait.”

Geoff Crawley, Chief Networking Ninja
Your Networking Ninja
Sep 2017

If you own a business or you’re looking to start one, I highly suggest you work with Robin Suomi and her company Startup to Growth, LLC. I had the pleasure of working with Robin as I was growing my business.

I credit her help and support in growing my company into a mult-million dollar business.

Paul Cathcart President/CEO
travwala LLC
Jun 2017

As a business coach, Robin has brought knowledge, understanding, encouragement, and stability into my business, and to my growth as a business owner. It isn’t enough to say that through knowing her, I have a much deeper and clearer picture of my business today, and where it will go in the next few years (and longer!). On top of that, the Mastermind groups have given me opportunities to understand the similar challenges all business owners face, no matter the industry. We brainstorm, bounce ideas off of each other, hold each other accountable and end our sessions with renewed motivation and dedication.

Chelsea Snyder
MojoWriting, LLC
Dec 2016

“I have known Robin Suomi for the past four years as a resource partner in my capacity as the co-owner and executive producer of StageCoach Theatre Company. Robin is one of the most committed, hard-working, and knowledgeable business leaders I have met in Loudoun County. She has been a business counselor I could trust implicitly for sound advice and reliable resources. I continue to enjoy collaborating with her on new and creative ideas to grow my business.

Robin is a smart and savvy business woman who understands delivering excellent service, understanding her clients, marketing through multiple media, and forging strong partnerships. Your investment in her will pay great dividends for your business.”

Jerri Wiseman
Co-Owner and Executive Producer
StageCoach Theatre Company LLC
Nov 2015

Among Robin’s many gifts are her talents for empowering “wishers” to become “doers,” for helping new entrepreneurs to hold onto their visions while bringing the tools and brass tacks to make those visions a reality. Robin’s instruction and counseling have been key in getting Joyful Dog LLC, off the ground, focusing on building the business in a way which reflects my principles and passions.   Robin has mentored and coached me, and along the way became a valued colleague and friend.

Marnie Montgomery, Owner
Joyful Dog, LLC

“Robin Suomi of Startup to Growth, LLC is the real deal. She’s gracious enough to calm jangled nerves — but never sugar-coats the tough realities of business-building. I needed help to navigate some rough start-up seas, and her recommendations were spot on. Trust her with your pocketbook, business plans, and dreams — they’ll be in capable hands.”

Jan W. Whiteley
Business Writing, LLC
Oct 2015

“When first “going it alone”, I had a choice to make: How do I best invest my resources to maximize my probability for success? Without question, I made the right choice, by investing in me: increasing my knowledge of how to run a business, how to manage my finances, how to market my business, and how to maximize my connections. I found all o this information through one resource: Robin Suomi at Start Up to Growth as my business mentor. Together, we had this!”

Linda Black ChFC, CRPC, RICP
Registered Representative
LifeMark Securities
Nov 2015

“I would recommend contacting Robin at Startup to Growth, LLC with any questions you have about starting or improving your business. If she doesn’t have the answer, she will find it for you. She is a knowledgeable community leader who is also fun to work with!!”

KD Kidder
Leesburg School of Photography
Nov 2015