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At Startup to Growth we believe that success is rarely accidental. Successful business owners invest time and resources in getting it right. That’s where we come in. And we are helping you gear up for 2021 and beyond!

We help our clients from business launch to over 7 figures, unleashing their vitality, innovation and creativity along the way.  We typically work with solopreneurs and business owners with up to 5 employees.

Our passion is helping you grow your successful and sustainable company your way, according to your vision, your goals and your objectives.

Looking for a mastermind group? Check out MEG (My Entrepreneurial Group) Startup and MEG Connect groups, which might be just right for you.    

We also offer Small Business Coaching, including  Blueprint (Business Plan) Coaching

Or schedule your free 15-minute small business consult by emailing robin@startup to growth.  We will figure out together if we are a good fit to work together.  There is absolutely no obligation.

Ready For Success in 2021? We Can Help.

Small Business Blueprint Coaching

A customized 1-1 coaching approach where you are guided through the planning process specifically for YOUR business, YOUR timeline and goals. You will create your blueprint, your action steps for success. Contact us to set up an initial free consultation at We will discover if we are a good fit to work together, along with your timeline, coaching dates and pricing. We put the […]

MEG Startup Mastermind Groups

Give us a little time over the next 6 months,* do the work, and your business will become a reality! Don’t go it alone.  Join MEG Startup! MEGs are live, virtual groups. Our next MEG Startup Mastermind Group is forming now. Email for details and to discuss joining. Note: If you are beyond the startup stage, consider MEG Connect. Share. Learn. Launch. Grow. Why […]

MEG Connect Mastermind Groups

      Give us 24 lunch hours over 12 months,* and we will change your business world.  Join MEG CONNECT!      MEGs are live, virtual groups. Our next MEG Connect Mastermind Group is forming now. Email for details and to discuss joining. NOTE: If you are just starting out, consider MEG Startup.  Connect. Share. Learn. Grow. What others are saying: “Robin challenges […]

Small Business Coaching

1-1 Small Business CoachingAre We Right for YOU? Does this describe you? While we work with many clients in groups, some people prefer to work with their small business coach in a confidential, 1-1 setting.  Do any of these scenarios describe you? You want more….more sales, more profit, more customers, more fulfillment, more work-life balance, more…so many other things!  You know there is more, but […]

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Focus Words for the New Year

Focus Words for the New Year

Do you have your focus word for 2021? Or maybe you are asking yourself what one is, how you get one…and why bother? What Is a Focus Word Think of a focus word as an overarching theme for the coming year. It is a word that will focus your thoughts and guide your actions. It can be a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb. Small business […]

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Is Experimentation Part of Your Strategy?

Is Experimentation Part of Your Strategy?

If not, it should be. The rapid changes of 2020 taught the sleepy small business owner about change. Conducting planned experiments throughout the year, as part of your strategy, can make change easier for you…plus you will have an arsenal of results and data to draw upon quickly. So what am I really talking about? What do I mean by experimentation? By experimentation, I mean […]

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Small Business Owners: No Zero Days Mindset!

Small Business Owners: No Zero Days Mindset!

The concept of No More Zero Days was first introduced by Reddit user ryan01.  What is a Zero Day?  A day where you have not come one iota closer to achieving a goal, not one smidgen. How do you gain a No  Zero Day mindset?  Let’s look at some examples. Fitness: No Zero Days In the fitness world, let’s say you looked in the mirror […]

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