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At Startup to Growth we believe that success is rarely accidental. Successful business owners invest time and resources in getting it right. That’s where we come in. 

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We help our clients from business launch to 7 figures, unleashing their vitality, innovation and creativity along the way.  We typically begin our work with solopreneurs and business owners with up to 4 employees, from launch to mid-6 figures, who want to do better!

Our passion is helping you grow your successful and sustainable company your way, according to your vision, your goals and your objectives.

Check out MEG, My Entrepreneurial Group, our affordable membership program filled with critical, need-to-know small business educational videos. In March we are adding live, virtual events and a community platform.  Already a member?  MEG LOGIN here.

We also offer Small Business 1-1 Coaching and customized Blueprint (Business Plan) Coaching

Or schedule your free 15-minute small business chat by emailing [email protected]  We will figure out together if we are a good fit to work together.  There is absolutely no obligation.

Ready For Success in 2023? We Can Help.

Small Business Blueprint Coaching

A customized 1-1 coaching approach where you are guided through the planning process specifically for YOUR business, YOUR timeline and goals. You will create your blueprint for success, including your action steps. Contact us to set up an initial free consultation at [email protected] We will discover if we are a good fit to work together, along with your timeline, coaching dates. Fees are currently less […]

About MEG Membership!

$97/year introductory membership pricing through July 31, 2022. Meet weekly for Power Hour, including conversation and co-work sessions, to work on, not just in, your business. We talk about strategy, goals, planning, social media, video, content, time management, sales, and so much more. Educational videos are included.

Small Business Coaching

1-1 Small Business CoachingAre We Right for YOU? Does this describe you? While we work with many clients in groups, some people prefer to work with their small business coach in a confidential, 1-1 setting.  Do any of these scenarios describe you? You want more….more sales, more profit, more customers, more fulfillment, more work-life balance, more…so many other things!  You know there is more, but […]

About Robin Suomi

Robin Suomi, MBA, Founder of Startup to Growth. I’ve assisted, mentored, counseled, coached and trained thousands of small business owners like you start and/or grow their companies. My clients have ranged from pre-venture, the “I have an idea!” stage, to businesses with $5M+ in sales – and every one of them has sharpened my understanding and love of the small business world. Early in my […]

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Explore Your Surroundings for Inspiration and a Fresh Perspective

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Business Planning Coaching: Following Up Means More Sales

Business Planning Coaching: Following Up Means More Sales

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Business Planning: How to Collaborate with Other Small Business Competitors

Business Planning: How to Collaborate with Other Small Business Competitors

Should small business owners collaborate with their competitors? Yes, and here’s three critical reasons why.

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