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Startup to Growth specializes in 1-1 Small Business Coaching (ongoing)
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Some people prefer to work with their small business coach in a private setting versus within a group.  Do any of these scenarios describe you?

  • You want more.  You know there is more you can do in your business, but you are not sure of your next step. You want to explore your options with a seasoned small business coach/consultant, one who has worked with thousands of other clients, and you want to explore your options on your schedule.
  • You want customized, 1-1 sessions to help you explore the multitude of questions in your mind surrounding small business ownership/operation, either as a new company starting out or as an experienced business owner who wants to grow, and you want it NOW.
  • Your new idea is sensitive, or at this stage of your business growth you prefer not to share your plans within a group setting.
  • Maybe you want one-on-one sessions customized to your needs, sorting out everything that is flinging itself around in your wonderful mind.  You want to work with a qualified and experienced small business coach to put together a customized action plan with clear next steps that make the best use of your time and resources.
    • You may have a new product line you want to launch, but want to explore it “in words” first, before you change your current business model and structure.
  • Or, you may be completely new to the world of small business ownership and entrepreneurship and you want a private session to explore what it is all about.
    • You may be an executive or federal employee who is transitioning out of the “employee world” and you are not ready to retire you, you want to explore your small business options.
    • You may be years away from retirement, doing well in your career, but you are wondering if there is more to your life and career than what you current have?
    • You may be reasonable happy with your current career, but want to evaluate how to start a business while also keeping your “day job” for a few more years. What does that transition period look like?
  • Or, maybe the INNW (If Not Now, When?) question simply will not be quiet in your mind.  It shouts at you constantly, clamoring for attention.  No problem.  NOW is the time to explore the path of small business ownership through 1-1 coaching, deciding if it is a path that is right for you.  No ego here.  If it is the right path for you, great!  If it is not, also great.  Either way, NOW is the time to explore your true answer to that question, not 20 years from now.   In our coaching sessions, we explore together what is involved in launching a business talk about your personality, strengths, opportunities. and help you decide what your next step will be NOW.

We typically coach for three 55-minute sessions per month, with a three-month commitment.  We believe that new patterns of thinking, exploring possibilities and finding your true passion, take time.  If you want to do something overnight, something that is an instant success, we are the wrong company for you.  There are other companies that claim to help you discover success overnight, but not us.  Sometimes we actually do this, but it is the exception, not the rule.

NOTE:  For our clients who have purchased membership for Startup to Growth Library, an online small business training and professional development video resource, we offer special pricing for an initial session.  Contact us for details.

If we have not worked with you before, we will need to speak with you individually before we enroll you in a coaching package.  Why?  We want to make sure we are a good fit together.   We prefer not to waste your time or money, or ours.  Please schedule a 15-minute consultation appointment to speak with us, at your convenience, or email us at, and we will go from there.  We wish you well in your journey!

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