MEG Growth Mastermind Groups

Are you ready to get serious about growing your business? If so, consider MEG (My Entrepreneurial Group) Growth Mastermind Groups.  

Next group starts May 2024. We will meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from May through December, from Noon to 1:30 PM ET. Email for details and to discuss joining. Additional groups will be formed as needed.

NOTE: If you are just launching or are within your first three years of business, consider MEG Startup Mastermind groups

Connect. Share. Learn. Grow.


  • Enroll and pay for your first two months by April 22, 2024, and receive two free coaching sessions (one hour each). Sessions must be used within one calendar year.
  • Enroll and pay for your first two months by April 29, 2024 will receive one free coaching session (one hour). Session must be used within one calendar year.

What others are saying: “Robin challenges me to push further, to expand my thinking beyond what’s in front of me, and to step into the confidence that growth is a process tied to actions, not something measured at the end of the year on a spreadsheet.” 

Heather (Boltz-Doering) McGlone, Ace Strategies

WHY join MEG Growth Mastermind Group?

You can’t know everything about business and life. Don’t even try. Within your MEG group, each person will bring their experience to the table to help you…and you will do the same for them. Also, your peers become your “mirror,” meaning they see things about you and your business that you cannot. And you do the same for them. Napoleon Hill said, “Many minds are better than one.” THAT is what MEG Growth Mastermind is all about.

Build your business based on today’s reality and anticipated future changes. AI, anyone? How can you leverage AI? Just one of the many topics we’ll cover. Connect with peers and explore how to grow and strengthen your business today, with greater power, flexibility, and sustainability for the future.

In MEG (My Entrepreneurial Group) Growth Mastermind, you will connect with fellow business owners across the nation, share common challenges and best practices as you work within a trusted peer group, and learn from your peers and guest speakers.

Together, you will grow stronger than ever! No excuses! Don’t go it alone.

WHO is MEG Growth Mastermind designed for? 

MEG Growth Mastermind groups are designed for solopreneurs and small business owners with up to 4 employees who 1) are determined to grow their businesses, no matter what, and 2) want to work collaboratively with others to navigate business challenges and opportunities. Members come from the service, professional and retail sectors and deliver services/products in-person, virtually, or through a mix of both.

NOTE: For each group, there is typically one person per industry. After an industry seat is filled, if someone from the same industry wants to join, we will handle it on a case-by-case basis, strongly considering feedback from the current industry member.

What others are saying: “Being a part of Robin’s MEG Mastermind group for solopreneurs has been a tremendous asset for my business growth strategy. She fosters and facilitates an environment that’s encouraging while also providing constructive criticism. She’s an insightful coach and mentor. I truly appreciate and value Robin’s feedback and generosity.” 

Jason Nelson, Apollus Solutions

Is now the right time for you to join a MEG Growth Mastermind group?

Ask yourself:

  • Am I tired of trying to figure out on my own how to increase profits in a steady, repeatable, organized fashion?
  • Am I tired of trying to figure out by myself all the operational, technology, and financial issues I face?
  • Am I choosing to dedicate eight months to figure this out, grow my business, no excuses?
  • Am I ready to crush fear and step into accountability?
  • Can I handle transformational change?
  • Can I be open to any new ideas the group might propose? For example, am I ready to expand my digital footprint or create a new product/service, if that is what *I* decide I want to do?
  • Do I like to work in a collaborative, team environment, where I am helping others and they are helping me?
  • Do I long for a safe place to brainstorm?
  • Can I listen to constructive feedback from others and not be offended?
  • Am I tired of the status quo, working really hard but still not reaching my potential?
  • Will I dedicate time for mastermind meetings and in-between work, time to work on my business and not just in it, over the next eight months so I can realize my dream?

HOW does MEG Growth Mastermind work?

MEG Growth Mastermind members come from multiple industries and geographic regions. This gives you access to a rich tapestry of perspectives that would be closed to you otherwise. Your group will give you feedback on your challenges and opportunities so you can design your strongest path forward. They give you feedback and support..and the occasional kick in the behind…while you put your plan into action.

Each MEG Growth Mastermind group:

  • meets for 1 hr. 30 min., twice a month, at regularly scheduled times
  • is a combination mastermind and professional development group:
    • mastermind: the group functions as your ad hoc advisory board. Each member makes presentations to the group in rotation, what we call the “Golden Opportunity Seat.” You present your growth challenges or opportunities, and the group gives you feedback, resources, and fresh perspectives, uncovering areas you may have never thought of but need to consider.
    • professional development: each group decides on round table topics and guest speakers for your meetings
  • has members set, execute and refine goals if they choose to throughout your time together, and the group holds you accountable

Every member is encouraged to connect with others outside of our meeting times, but it is not required.  

WHAT do we work on?

Here is only a small sampling of questions you can tackle in MEG Growth Mastermind:      

  • Hey, I need some fresh eyes on this one. Here’s what I’m up against…
  • Help me brainstorm a quick win I can accomplish NOW, to gain momentum.    
  • How strong is my digital footprint? How can I make it better?  
  • I’m introducing a new online product. I need some help with thinking through the procedure and resources needed.
  • What tech and digital tools are you using for…(fill in the blank!)
  • WHAT am I missing?! WHAT else do I need to consider? (These come up a lot after presentations and in discussion – and they’re golden!)
  • Am I still reaching the right markets?  Is it time to update segments of my target market?  
  • Is a membership revenue model right for me? What does that look like? 
  • What trends are emerging? How will they impact my business today? in 6 months? 5+ years?
  • I need to re-evaluate my pricing, and I need your perspectives.
  • AI
  • What other opportunities are open to me now?

Part of the magic is simply in the sharing, when you realize you are not alone, that others are facing THAT challenge, too. In short, they “get it”! Group members will share their suggestions, which you can accept or not, in Rapid Round feedback. You can use that information as you decide your next steps.  Sometimes you will make a list of their suggestions and think about things for a while; sometimes the solution literally pops right out at you, either directly from member feedback or from something their feedback triggers in your mind.  It depends! 

It is also important to know what we are not.  We are NOT a group where members ask each other to buy their products or services or to send them leads. Those things may happen naturally over time, and that is perfectly okay.  Or they may never happen, and that is also perfectly okay.   

READY TO JOIN a MEG Growth Mastermind Group?

It’s easy!

  • First, fill out and submit an application so we can make sure we are a good fit.
  • Second, schedule a Zoom call consultation (email and put MEG Growth Mastermind Application in the subject line). In our consultation, we will decide together if the group is right for you.
    • We will also discuss a challenge you may be facing. I am an expert in helping small business owners uncover viable solutions. Bring me your biggest challenge!
  • ALTERNATIVE: Or you can schedule a free Zoom consultation first, and we will go over the application questions and decide together if you are a good fit to join a MEG Growth Mastermind group.
  • If we decide MEG Growth Mastermind is the next best step for you, you will receive complete payment and onboarding instructions.

We also have payment plans available. Contact us for details and to ask any questions at  We would love to hear from you!

During our initial consultation, we will answer all your questions. Our goal is to determine if a mastermind group is the next best step for you, and if it is, to integrate you into the best mastermind group for you. You see, we want more than your fees. We want your success.