MEG Connect

Virtual Small Business Owner Connect Groups

Are you missing people?!!  Ready to work on your business? It’s time to CONNECT!

Now it is more important than ever to stay in touch with other business owners across the nation, to work within a trusted peer group on your challenges and to share best practices. And it is time to learn. We also invite speakers to present on topics YOU need to know about to grow your business.

MEG stands for My Entrepreneurial Group.  In MEG Connect, we share common challenges and seek innovative solutions together. With this affordable, virtual solution to connect and learn with others, you don’t have to go it alone!

Who is MEG Connect designed for? 

MEG Connect groups are designed for solopreneurs or small business owners with one or two employees. In addition to this, our groups are designed for business owners who are:

  • typically in the service, professional or retail sectors
  • home-based or brick-and-mortar businesses
  • delivering virtual or in-person services/products (or a mix)

About MEG Connect!

Each MEG Connect group:

  • meets three times a month at a regularly scheduled time; one hour each meeting
  • has one open, pre-scheduled Office Hour each month
  • has member access to the Startup to Growth Vault, a video educational resource
  • has member bios on file
  • gets (very!) brief member updates at the beginning of each meeting, and sets goals at the end
  • has two or three members present more in-depth challenges each meeting and receive Rapid Round group feedback
  • decides topics they want to explore and invite speakers to present on
  • has up to 15 members per group

Every member is encouraged to connect with others outside of our meeting times, but it is not required.  It is perfectly fine to do all your “connecting” only during scheduled times! 

Sometimes the best part of our meetings is simply the sharing…where you realize you are not alone, you are not the only businessperson facing THAT challenge, and that the others in your group can relate. They will share their suggestions in Rapid Round feedback, and you can use that information as you decide your next steps.  Sometimes you will make a list of their suggestions and think about things for a while; sometimes the solution literally pops right out at you, either directly from member feedback or from something their feedback triggers in your mind.  It depends! 

Office Hours are a time to connect and work together virtually with no set agenda.  If you want to work on a project, turn your audio off and get to work.  If you have a question of the group or your facilitator, it is a great time to ask it. Or you might use this time to meet 1-1 virtually with another member, to get to know them better.  It is totally up to you!  Office Hours are a time to work “on” your business and not simply “in” your business. 

It is also important to know what we are not.  We are NOT a group where members ask each other to buy their products or services or to send them leads. Those things may happen naturally over time, and that is perfectly okay.  Or they may never happen, and that is also perfectly okay.   

How Do You Join a MEG Connect Group?

It’s easy! Just fill out an application. Then we will schedule a Zoom chat so we can decide together if we are a good fit for you to join a MEG Connect group and which group you should join!

With our current introductory pricing, our groups are under $300 when you pre-pay for one year. We also have payment plans available.

Email any questions to We would love to hear from you!