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Are you ready to take action and get your Business Plan done?
Do you have questions about how to write it?  

Enroll in our live, instructor-led, online course for answers.
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Business Plan Boot Camp Forming Regularly
WHEN:  Typically Mondays or Wednesdays, 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT
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Is NOW the time to start or grow your business, to take your dream or your business to the next level?  You’re excited about launching your new venture, about finally deciding whether or not your dream can be turned into a real business.  Or you have been motoring along pretty successfully, but you know you are not reaching your potential, that there is more.  You may be feeling overwhelmed or finding yourself constantly chasing “bright, shiny objects.”  It is time to create a logical and executable plan you can follow, one step at a time. If your actual problem is whit your machinery motors, you can get yours to be repaired, visit

If you are ready to take action to start or grow your business, and you…

  1. Do not have a business plan, or
  2. Have a very old business plan, and
  3. Like to work in a team environment

…then this class is for you!  It all starts with honest, realistic planning and thinking through your business, one step at a time.

In our 5-week Business Plan Boot Camp, you will learn how to how to write a business plan. As a group, we will cover the following topics:

  • Feasibility – we explore “will it work” for new businesses and growth directions/possibilities for existing businesses.
  • Strategic Analysis – we help you create your mission, vision and values statements, and establish your goals and objectives.
  • Products and Services – we help you become clear about what you are really selling.
  • Marketing and Sales – from digital to display, we help you look at what marketing mix (including pricing) will work best for you to establish or increase sales.
  • Finances – from sales projections to budgeting to financial statements, we cover it all.
  • Legal aspects – we look at entity selection, intellectual property and other legal aspects.
  • Management and Operations – from human resources to logistics to product lines, we will help you understand how your decisions and management skills impact your company.

We will also access, together, tutorial videos on subjects ranging from social media to contracts, accounting, target markets, human resources, and more, presented by vetted experts. You will be able to contact the presenters to ask YOUR questions.

Yes, there is homework. If you do the homework, you will emerge with a completed business plan.  We discuss our signature Yellow Pad Business PlanTM  (a/k/a Yellow Pad Biz PlanTM for short!) method.  This does not have to be complicated, but it does need to be done.

To be accepted into the Business Plan Boot Camp, you must first submit an application.  We typically respond to your application within one business day.   Once you have been accepted, you must complete your payment before your enrollment is finalized and you are in the class!

Contact with any questions.

Early Bird Special:      $250 (Includes 1 Month Library!)
General:                           $275
Late Addition:               $375

Business Plan Boot Camp, 5 Classes

Remember, in our Boot Camp you will learn how to write your business plan, whether you are just starting your business or have been in business for a couple of years and are now ready to get serious! No matter where you live, with a computer and high-speed internet we can work together or start or grow YOUR business.  NOW is the time to act!

Start by submitting your application!  Application and payment are required before you are accepted into the course.

We also offer Custom Designed Individual & Group Business Plan Boot Camps. Check them out!

Short. Sweet. Actionable. Affordable.  

Startup to Growth LibraryTM Membership

Not ready for a Business Plan Boot Camp?  No problem.  Instead, become a Member of Startup to Growth LibraryTM   Our Library is filled with hours of videos educating small business owners on sales, social media (including how-to’s on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat), basic contract law, small business insurance and so much more.  And we are growing!  Our videos are from attorneys, accountants, marketing experts, financing companies, insurance brokers and others, each covering an area that will educate you about small business and help you build a strong foundation for your dream.

About Robin Suomi, MBA,  Founder of Startup to Growth, LLC, Small Business Coach and Consultant.  Success is rarely accidental. My passion is helping my small business clients move from concept through growth (many surpassing $1M in sales), unleashing their vitality, innovation and creativity as they launch or grow their successful and sustainable companies according to their vision. For over 10 years I have helped thousands of small business owners launch and grow their dreams through 1-1 and group small business coaching, technical small business consulting, mastermind groups, business plan classes, and other educational programs. As an adjunct professor, I taught Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management and Business 101 courses. Our services are delivered online and in-person. or at 703-850-7475.
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June 2017
If you own a business or you’re looking to start one, I highly suggest you work with Robin Suomi and her company Startup to Growth, LLC. I had the pleasure of working with Robin as I was growing my business.  I credit her help and support in growing my company into a mult-million dollar business.

Paul Cathcart President/CEO at travwala LLC

June 23, 2016
Among Robin’s many gifts are her talents for empowering “wishers” to become “doers,” for helping new entrepreneurs to hold onto their visions while bringing the tools and brass tacks to make those visions a reality. Robin’s instruction and counseling have been key in getting Joyful Dog LLC, off the ground, focusing on building the business in a way which reflects my principles and passions.

I’ve known Robin Suomi for a number of years, first in her capacity as Executive Director of Loudoun SBDC, Inc., and at present as the founder and principal of Startup to Growth, LLC.  Robin has mentored and coached me, and along the way became a valued colleague and friend.

Marnie Montgomery, Owner
Joyful Dog, LLC
Loudoun County, VA

December 22, 2016
As a business coach, Robin has brought knowledge, understanding, encouragement, and stability into my business, and to my growth as a business owner. It isn’t enough to say that through knowing her, I have a much deeper and clearer picture of my business today, and where it will go in the next few years (and longer!). On top of that, the Mastermind groups have given me opportunities to understand the similar challenges all business owners face, no matter the industry. We brainstorm, bounce ideas off of each other, hold each other accountable and end our sessions with renewed motivation and dedication.

Chelsea D. Snyder, Owner
MojoWriting, LLC
Loudoun County, VA

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Join us! Start by submitting your application!
Application and payment are required before you are accepted into the course.

We also offer Custom Designed Individual and Group Business Plan Boot Camps. Check them out!

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