Custom-Designed Business Plan Boot Camps

Business Plan Curriculum

In our Business Plan Boot Camps, we cover:

  • Feasibility – we explore “will it work” for new businesses and growth directions/possibilities for existing businesses.
  • Strategic Analysis – we help you create your mission, vision and values statements, and establish your goals and objectives.
  • Products and Services – we help you become clear about what you are really selling.
  • Marketing and Sales – from digital to display, we help you look at what marketing mix (including pricing) will work best for you to establish or increase sales.
  • Finances – from sales projections to budgeting to financial statements, we cover it all.
  • Legal aspects – we look at entity selection, intellectual property and other legal aspects.
  • Management and Operations – from human resources to logistics to product lines, we will help you understand how your decisions and management skills impact your company.

Custom-Designed Individual Business Plan Boot Camp

Many people prefer not to work in a group.  We understand!  We offer individualized Business Plan Boot Camps where your instructor will lead you through the curriculum over five sessions of two hours each (10 hours total). You will work with your instructor to schedule the sessions to meet your schedule. While we will cover all parts of our standard curriculum, we will be able to focus on the areas you choose.

Price:  $500. Price subject to change.
Email to set up a time to talk about your Individual Business Plan Boot Camp.

Custom-Designed Group Business Plan Boot Camps

Do you have a group of business friends who all want to take a Business Plan Boot Camp together?  We LOVE working with groups when they have a common goal!

All Customized Group Business Plan Boot Camps are 5 sessions, 2 hours each (10 hours lecture/interaction). Each group member will be scheduled for one 45-minute private, 1-1 video conference coaching session during the Boot Camp.

How are our custom-designed packages different from our regular, public offerings?  In many very important ways!

  1. Turn Camaraderie into Action:  When group members know each other before they begin their Boot Camp, they often have strong ties that translate into action.  It usually increases the fun for each group member, and introduces a bit of internal competition.  You guessed it – that competition turns into ACTION!
  2. Convenience:  As a group and working with your instructor, you will set your class times in advance. In other words, we meet YOUR schedule.
  3. Focus:  We will cover all parts of our standard curriculum. However, groups often want to have a heavier focus on one specific area.  This is YOUR Boot Camp!  If you want a specific area of focus, let us know when we first talk with you!
  4. Your Questions Answered:  As you build your business plan, questions will arise. We will be able to focus on your questions and give you specialized guidance on how to research your answers and make your decisions.

Each group needs a designated coordinator. Email to set up a time to talk about YOUR group!


2 Members:  $400/each
3 Members:  $350/each
4 Members: $300/each
5 Members: $250/each

*Prices subject to change.

Would you prefer our general, public Business Plan Boot Camps? Great! Check them out!