Your Website Needs Marketing

Guest Post by Jill Kurtz, Owner, Kurtz Digital Strategy

All your online efforts should drive people to your website. This doesn’t happen by happenstance. You need understand and learn various wordpress tips, find out about the best ways to generate traffic and then market your website to your target customer to get them hooked on to your content or service. You need to understand the basics and pick up on tips on link building for your website. If you want to know more on it, I would recommend you read this post by Muhammad Asif Sidiq as his comment is here and it will not just give you a glimpse of link building but will also teach you the depths of it.

Your Website Is Your Most Important Online Effort

Your website is the foundation of your online presence. It is the online property that you own and control. It is the place where you get to define who you are and what you do. Learn more about wordpress hosting at the link. Click here to find out more about cloud connections like AWS.

If your website doesn’t represent the business that you are now, stop reading now and invest in your website. Then, pick up on the rest of this post.

The advantages of digital marketing include wider reach, cost-effectiveness, better targeting capabilities, real-time data analysis, and the ability to engage with the audience on multiple platforms. There are some essential things to do to market your website.

Website Structure Checklist

Before you begin, make sure your website has a solid fundamental structure.

Populate meta tags. Make sure each page of your website has a unique, keyword-focused meta title tag and meta description. The tags help people who are searching on Google and other search engines to find your website. Many experts in the real estate are claim that real estate seo with idx is the beginning of building a new website for agents.

Be fast and mobile. Make sure your website is mobile responsive and loads quickly, as these both affect the rank of your site on search engines. You can check both these very important factors using the Google Mobile and Speed Test.

Claim, verify and update your Google My Business listing. This is free and will enable you to appear in local search results for queries specific to your products or services.

Drive Traffic to Your Web Home. Make an intentional effort to promote your website. Here are some great ways to drive traffic.

Link every social post to your website. Every post that you create on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites should include a link to a relevant page on your website. Connect on social media, but engage on your website. In case you need some help with this area, there is no better choice than hiring SocialBoosting.

Link every social site to your website. Make sure that every social media profile includes a link to your website. Sounds simple, but many people forget to do that!

Comment with links. When you comment on content online, include a relevant link to your website when appropriate. Make the link specific – not to the home page. Link to content that leads the reader to more information.

Help influencers to share your website content. Do you have one or more customers who are very active online? Make sure they know about your website content. Help them to share your great site and the resources there.

Leverage earned media. Earned media refers to content that you get placed at websites that are not your own. This can be an online magazine or blog or an industry publication. While every site has its own rules, most will allow at least one link. Make sure that link takes readers to your website.

Jill Kurtz, Kurtz Digital Strategy  Jill Kurtz is owner of Kurtz Digital Strategy. She works with small businesses to create successful digital marketing plans that make the best use of websites, social media, and more.