What needs to change in my small business for 2021 to be better?

As I plan for 2021, I start by reviewing 2020.  I look at the successes I have had as well as the failures, the “I could have done better’s” on multiple levels.  I look at my past short-term and long-term goals and set future ones.  I look at day-to-day activities and decide what worked and what didn’t.  I ask myself where I am losing precious time, where I can streamline, what new tech tools can I use to make day-to-day easier next year.  What do I need to change?

I look at data – billables, social media metrics, website analytics, all of it. What do I need to change?

And I look at what happened outside of my control in the year that is ending, as well.  I evaluate how world events affected me and my business.  What needs to change? Check these Pro Business Plans to get some help with planning.

And there lies the rub.  Me.

“The most difficult matter is not so much to change the world as yourself.”

~ Nelson Mandela

Yes, 2020 world and national events were difficult. Who knows what 2021 will bring?  Much of that I cannot control. What I can control is me and how I change.  What about you?  Here are some suggestions:


Is it time to change your mindset for 2021?  You mind is too wonderful an asset to waste. Make the best use of it, starting today. You know Ford’s famous saying, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”  Ask yourself: What can I change about me and my mindset? 


What skills are you lacking? I can’t remember a time in small business as this year, where free and low-cost resources abound.  Bonus Tip:  Expect that to change.  Take advantage of them while you still can to level up your skillset in key small business areas.  Ask yourself: What can I change about me and my small business skill set?


Is it time to buy new equipment – webcam, microphone, computer, software, other hardware – yet in 2021?  In addition, if you own a healthcare business and you need help with medical coding and analytics services, you might want to visit this link for more info. Bonus Tip:  Expect to continue to be online for much of 2021.  Super Bonus Tip:  Some of us are not leaving the online digital delivery space because we actually *like* it and it fits our plans and goals. So, check your technology needs.  Ask yourself: What can I change about me and my use of technology?


As we have discussed before, your network is important…really important.  No year in recent history has uncovered this truth than 2020.  Ask yourself:  What can I change about me and how I build, nuture and respect my network?

Professional Development

The area that encompasses all the above is professional development.  You are your biggest small business asset. Take care of you.  Ask yourself:  How can I best leverage my professional development investment dollars to change me in 2021? You may also consult an investment advisor if you are having doubts where you will invest your hard-earned money.


So as you begin your yearend review, look at your successes, failures, reevaluate your long-term and short-term goals, look at your day-to-day operations and your data. But don’t forget the key metric – you. Evaluate yourself as you also evaluate your small business performance.  Ask yourself: What can I change about me to make 2021 better? If you are open to making positive changes within yourself, you’re already halfway to success.

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Robin Suomi, MBA, is an experienced small business expert and founder of Startup to Growth. She has worked with thousands of small business owners through coaching, mastermind groups, education and training.  Robin believes success is rarely accidental and her passion is to help her clients set and reach their goals. Working with clients remotely through video platforms, she helps clients answer their technical business planning and execution questions as well as supporting them while they explore their potential. She encourages clients to dig deeper, dream bigger, and works with them to create their tangible Success Steps. Check out the website for ongoing virtual Small Business CoachingSmall Business Blueprint CoachingMEG (My Entrepreneurial Group) Connect andMEG Startup mastermind groups. Email info@startuptogrowth.com with your questions or to set up a free 1-1 consultation.