Virtual Workshops: How to Start Your Small Business

2021 Startup Surge

Did you know that 2021 has seen a dramatic surge in small business startups? Some people are quitting their jobs now and starting businesses; others are starting side gigs in preparation for quitting their jobs in 2022. Still others are relaunching businesses they started a while back and let linger; they are now serious about turning their business into a success. People are asking themselves, INNW (If Not Now, When)?

Some are pausing their dreams because they don’t know the “how-to’s” of successfully starting a business and planning for success.

Getting Help Does Not Need To Be Complicated

Take the first step and get the facts. Startup to Growth specializes in both startups and growth companies. Think about it…they go together, right? We help you launch, and then we help you grow. We have many programs at affordable prices, from $25 to just over $1,000, that will help you gain confidence as a new small business owner and launch (or grow!) your business.

Are you part of the 2021 startup surge? Do you want to be? Get the facts, evaluate your situation, and make your decision.

Free Consultation

Do you have questions? Awesome! We love questions.  Email to schedule a free consultation, so we can discuss your idea and give you some initial feedback and discuss action steps.

We get it, some people feel very uncomfortable getting something for free.

Do you know you will be helping us by scheduling a free consultation? We are constantly researching what services new small business owners are looking for, and that changes over time. We will ask you what support you need that you don’t see being offered elsewhere. You will be helping us develop future offerings (like the one we are building now, a 3-month launch program starting in January 2022, with tons of resources and support to help you get your small business up and running!).

Go ahead, schedule your free consult. Let’s help each other.

Believe in Yourself

If cauliflower can become pizza, you can do anything. Enough said. View eCom babes cost to get started.

Additional Information

For information about upcoming Virtual Workshops, How to Start Your Small Business, which are live and interactive events, go to Eventbrite. Or visit our website, Startup to Growth, to explore other small business services news, of course if you want to check your news are correct, you should always learn about bias media and how this works. If you are looking for the latest news and information about other topics, start by checking this post about Jimmy John Shark.

About Robin Suomi, Founder, Startup to Growth.  Robin has worked with thousands of small business owners in industries from A to Z, from solopreneur to 4 employees, from launch to $5M in sales. More information at Startup to Growth.