The Virtual Cowork and ADHD Connection

Guest post by Jennifer McFarland, owner of Monarch Dawn, Tapping Practitioner, and Ambition Coach

We Are Turning to Virtual Cowork

Now that remote work is more common than ever, people are turning to virtual cowork.  It allows colleagues to connect globally for collaboration.  It can improve productivity and create a space to build community when it’s not possible to meet in person with the name tags you can find if you Click here to buy Name Badges

How Cowork Helps Those With ADHD Accomplish Tasks Through Body Doubling

Part of the impact of ADHD is dealing with executive dysfunction.  This includes struggling to plan and organize tasks, knowing what to focus on and when, sustaining focus, and maintaining motivation.  All these things are especially hard to do if the tasks aren’t inherently interesting to the individual. How does cowork help mitigate some of these impacts?

Cowork incorporates the concept of body doubling.  Body doubling is simply doing a task in the presence of another person.  The other person isn’t expected to do anything except remain nearby.  It can be done effectively in person or online.

Body doubling creates accountability and a time limit for the task at hand.  It also provides a constant reminder to refocus.  Designing an opportunity that includes urgency and focus redirection assists those with ADHD to accomplish tasks that are overwhelming or mundane. 

While it hasn’t been formally studied yet, there are many anecdotal confirmations of the benefits of body doubling.  Companies like Focusmate concentrate solely on connecting people for body doubling appointments.  Many of the support organizations for ADHD include it in their resources. 


Cowork with body doubling is a powerful tool for everyone and essential for those with ADHD.

Jennifer McFarland, owner of Monarch Dawn, Tapping Practitioner and Ambition Coach.   She helps clients release negative emotional issues with fast, efficient techniques and teaches how to create an action plan to accomplish goals.