Startup Programs and Services

Are you starting a business?  

First, congratulations! You are on an exciting journey. It can also be a bit overwhelming or scary. No matter what you are feeling or experiencing, we can help. We have assisted thousands of people just like you start launch their small business. While many have grown to over a million in sales, many have remained lifestyle businesses.  Your journey is all about what YOU want to build, and it begins now.

Programs and Services for Starting or Restarting a Business

Who do we help? 

On the startup side, we focus on individuals who…

  • are thinking of starting their own business but they’re not sure what their next steps are.
  • started their business a while ago but never really got it off the ground, and now they’re ready to start again.
  • have already started their business and want a refresher course as a reminder of the basics, now that they have a little experience under their belt.

If you fit into one of these three categories, our programs and services can help you. Together, we tackle uncertainty, procrastination, fear and doubts. Together, we create your action plan!  It is exciting to finally take concrete steps to start or relaunch your small business, to realize your dream.

The real challenge is that there is too much information out there, and it is often confusing and contradictory. It is daunting.  What you really want is a trusted, reliable, affordable, no-nonsense resource, with a checklist, that will educate you about starting or relaunching your business and help you make sense of it all.  With our personalized programs, you will have an opportunity to get YOUR questions addressed!

At Startup to Growth, we have assisted thousands of small business owners just like you. Robin Suomi, Founder, believes that success is rarely accidental. Her passion is helping small business clients move from concept through growth, unleashing their vitality, innovation and creativity as they launch or grow their successful and sustainable companies according to their vision. Startup to Growth delivers services through workshops, classes, individual coaching, mastermind and focus groups. Robin has also taught Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management and Business 101 courses as an adjunct professor.

Together, we’ve got this!  You can begin your journey with us through any of the following startup programs and services for new and relaunching businesses:

Startup Workshop: Online, Live Course. 

Cost:  $30, one session. 1.5 hours
Format:  Lecture; interactive Q and A as time allows
Email for schedule.

We will guide you through the steps to start your business, including entrepreneurial traits, a high-level overview of business planning, including strategy, product development, marketing, operations and financials. During the workshop, we will take as many of your questions as time allows. Note: As we always advise with our public programs, if anything is proprietary in nature, do NOT share it in this workshop. You can always schedule a 1-1 private consultation to specifically discuss your situation.

Small Business Blueprint, Build Your Success Plan in 30 Days
Online, Live Course

Cost:  $250/4 sessions, 2 hours each session
Format:  Lecture and interactive
You have access to weekly online, live office hours
Next Course Begins March 10, 2020.

We put fun back into business planning – seriously!  When you have successfully finished this course, you will have a business plan.  It might be on sticky notes, or in a PowerPoint deck, or a map on the wall, or even a 20-page document.  We don’t care what format you choose. We care that you build your small business blueprint and create your steps for success.

Let’s be honest…most business owners do NOT want to complete their business plan! Oh, they agree in theory that it is necessary, but that’s as far as they go.  This course helps change that conversation.

In this four-session course, we cover:

  • strategy, including goals and objectives; product development; marketing (huge topic!); operations; and financials

In addition to class time interaction, you will have:

  • weekly online, live Office Hours where you can ask additional questions and get feedback
  • access to a video library that includes information on marketing, sales, legal issues, social media and technology. We upload additional resources regularly.

We often combine companies just starting out or relaunching their business with more experienced companies who have not yet written their business plan. Our clients love the excitement and passion of the new business owner mixed with the experience and knowledge of the existing business owner. It is a win/win for both groups.

If you are new to small business, this course is a prerequisite to joining our Startup Mastermind, Kickstart Your New Business in 120 Days ­or Growth Mastermind, Transforming Your Life and Business in 180 Days programs.

Please contact with any questions.

Startup Mastermind, Kickstart Your New Business in 120 Days. Online, live.

Cost:  $780/one-time payment. Groups meet for four months. April 2020 Group Forming Now.

This group is for small business owners who are serious about getting their businesses launched quickly and with a firm foundation.

The Logistics

You will meet three times a month over a four-month period with like-minded business owners. Each meeting is 1.5 hours and follows a structured format while also allowing time for your specific questions. In addition to our group time, you can also participate in our online, live Office Hours to ask additional questions and get feedback.  You will also have access to our video library that includes information on marketing, sales, legal issues, social media and technology. We upload additional resources regularly.

The Launch

In the Startup Mastermind group, you will continue your work from the Blueprint Class (or whatever method you used to create your initial business planning document). You now have your products designed, your prices structured, your startup costs determined, and you have created your initial strategy, marketing, sales and management plans. Now it is time to launch your company, test your ideas, and refine them as you gain experience in the marketplace.

How It Works

During our meetings, the group works together, brainstorming, supporting each other, sharing ideas and resources, and giving each other honest feedback (we are NOT “yes people” at all!). Working together, each member works to start or relaunch their business and remain sane in the process. Our clients LOVE our mastermind groups! They often tell us their friends and family are tired of hearing their ideas, or they don’t understand what owning a business really means. Here, we get you!!  And we LOVE supporting and helping you decide how to get your business off the ground. Our background of coaching and small business technical assistance sets us apart from other types of business coaches. Together, we’ve got this.

In this supportive Startup Mastermind group, you are not alone. You and your peers work together to launch your dreams and get your businesses off the ground, with paying clients, in 120 days.

Pleases contact us at for our current schedule, application and openings.

Note: If you are new to small business and do NOT yet have a business blueprint or plan, our Small Business Blueprint, Build Your Success Plan in 30 Days course or customized 1-1 business planning coaching is a prerequisite to joining one of our Startup Mastermind groups.

1-1 Initial Consult for Members of Our Programs – Special Offer

Special Startup Offer: $66 for a 50-minute session if purchased within 30 days of purchasing one of our startup services.  This is a 56% one-time savings from our regular $150 price.

Once you have your basic small business idea in mind, you often want to discuss YOUR idea in much more detail with an experienced professional who has helped thousands of other small businesses launch and grow. We understand that. When you have paid for your initial consultation, we will send you a scheduling link so you can set your appointment.  We will also send you an intake assessment form to gather some general background information about you and your business idea, and what stage your business is in. You will select up to three areas you want to concentrate on in our special session.

Pleases contact us at for our payment and scheduling links, and to receive your assessment form.

Enrolled in a Startup to Growth Program

1-1 Small Business Coaching, Single Session or Monthly

Cost: $150 for 1 session; or, $300/month for 3 sessions, minimum of 3 months, paid monthly

Some people prefer 1-1 private coaching instead of meeting in a group. We have you covered! You have more freedom in scheduling sessions to meet your time requirements, and you can customize our coaching sessions to specifically address your concerns. Having helped thousands of businesses launch and grow, we stand ready to help you achieve your dream.  Here again, our background in coaching and small business technical assistance sets us apart from other types of business coaches. Together, we’ve got this!

Coaching Packages