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New Small Business QuickStart Mastermind Groups forming monthly.
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Why Should you Join a QuickStart Mastermind Group? 

Because you are a new or relaunching small business owner who:

  • doesn’t want to waste the next 12 months “spinning your wheels” while you stumble along on your own.
  • is choosing to dedicate 4 months to get your business up and running.
  • is serious about creating a solid business foundation for future sustainability, profitability, and success.
  • wants to move forward with confidence and the support of your own “team,” a team that has your back.
  • loves to work collaboratively with others in a team environment.
  • wants to work with an experienced small business coach who has helped thousands of other clients like you.
  • is choosing to focus your time, effort and resources to make your dream come true.
  • is choosing to work with an experienced small business coach/mentor/consultant to facilitate your group, someone who has both small business technical skills and coaching skills, someone who has helped thousands of small business owners before you.

Note:  If you have not yet attended our How to Start A Business Successfully workshop, you may be required to do so before joining one of our Mastermind Groups.  The fee is $20 per class.  We will decide together is this is the right step for you.  Schedule of classes.

What are QuickStart Mastermind Groups?

A mastermind group, at its simplest, is a meeting of two or more people who share a common purpose, where each person is committed to helping others in the group reach that common purpose through brainstorming, accountability, support, and sharing of knowledge and resources.  The term Mastermind was initially coined by Napoleon Hill in his book, Think and Grow Rich.  If you update his language, the core idea remains the same – many minds are better than one when you share a common goal and you have an experienced facilitator.  In our QuickStart Mastermind Groups, we have three key objectives for group members as we work together to help you build a solid, sustainable and profitable business:

  • Conducting a Business Assessment to identify your gaps
  • Setting short-term and long-term goals and objectives for you and your business, creating your five-year plan
  • Accountability on your short-term goals.  Goals are goals.  Goals must be executed to make a difference.

Once you join a QuickStart Mastermind Group, you will receive a Small Business Assessment Checklist to help you identify what areas of your business you need to focus on in our initial four months together.  Some of the areas we typically focus on are:

  • Your business name
  • Refining your business idea and testing it in the marketplace
  • Business entity selection and structure
  • Registering and licensing your business
  • Brand identity – logo, tagline, website, print and digital materials
  • Products and Services
  • Identifying your target and how to reach them
  • Marketing across all platforms, including social media, blogging, ebooks, and even print!
    • As you might guess, once the foundation is in place, we spend a lot of time here!
  • Sales (marketing is different than sales)
    • Yes, we spend a lot of time here, too!  Sales can be fun (really!!)
  • Small business operations, hiring, management, establishing policies and procedures
  • Financial projections – yes, you must do this!
  • Business plan – hint, everything listed here is part of your business plan
  • So many other areas!!

How are our QuickStart Mastermind Groups Different?

Experienced facilitator.  My name is Robin Suomi, and I am an experienced small business coach and consultant. When I facilitate our Mastermind groups, I bring my 10+ years of experience helping thousands of others before you launch and/or grow their small businesses to the table, and magic happens.  I have a strong technical small business background, having taught business courses as an adjunct professor.  Because I am also trained as a coach, I listen to you and discover what you want (or help you discover that over our 4-month journey!).  I don’t simply push the “latest and greatest idea” at you.  That does not serve you.

Focus.  Often in group discussion, we start going down the dreaded Rabbit Hole.  A Rabbit Hole in our groups means we are getting into a discussion that is non-productive and is likely to be long and drawn-out, wasting time.  A Rabbit Hole discussion does not best serve the group or you. The members may choose to schedule a side discussion, or maybe the group needs to research the topic and get a better handle on what the Rabbit Hold Topic actually means before we choose to spend precious time discussing it in the group.

Many Rabbit Holes exist because of misinformation in the marketplace; this is where an experienced small business coach or consultant can really help.  The topics the group brings up are most often topics I have dealt with numerous times in the past, and my experience guides me here.  I let the group know it’s likely a Rabbit Hole, and the group decides whether to go down it or not!!  Regardless, we stay focused in our sessions!

Input After Discussion.  Another difference in our groups is that I rely on my years of experience to make a list of comments and feedback on topics we discuss in each session.  I share those with the group before we close if they are not addressed in group discussion.

1-1 Time.  One final difference is that I spend 1-1 time with each member monthly.  In our groups, you get both group and individualized coaching.  It is the best of both worlds.

Our QuickStart Mastermind Groups are a powerful way to accelerate your small business launch with guidance from your group of like-minded business owners with a common purpose and an experienced small business coach and consultant.

How does it work?

We will meet two times a month for two hours as a group (4 hours monthly) with up to 8 fellow entrepreneurs, and you will receive 20 minutes of 1-1 personalized coaching monthly, focusing specifically on your needs.  You will begin to know and trust each other. Each member focuses on what they need to do to establish a firm business foundation and successfully launch their company, with an eye always on their 5-year horizon.  Each session they will present their challenges to the group, listen to their feedback, and set goals for the next session.  These goals become their Action Plan and keep them on track.

You must submit an application and be approved to become part of our groups. You must be serious about starting or relaunching your small business and you must be committed to participating in your group.  Our groups are held online using a video platform.

Dedicating 4 hours and 20 minutes per month, plus time to complete session action items, to work on your business can change you and your business forever.  Together, we’ve got this!

Schedule:  Groups will meet on the “1st and 3rd” or the “2nd and 4th” assigned weekday each month.  Because groups are virtual, with an internet connection and a computer you can attend from anywhere.

Custom Groups: Are you interested in a custom group?  If you have 4 members in your group, we will set an agenda and a schedule that works best for you and your group.  Contact us for details at robin@startuptogrowth.com.

In these groups, you will find the resources to help you launch your business on a solid foundation and plan out your next 5 years of operation.  After completing our QuickStart Mastermind Groups, many clients move on to our Growth Mastermind Groups.Contact info@startuptogrowth.com for more information.  Schedule a 1-1 free 15-minute consultation so we can determine together if this is the right option for you. If you have not yet submitted your application and been approved, please submit your application now.  Then we’ll be in touch to schedule a consultation.

Fees:  Payment must be received before you are officially in one of our Mastermind Groups.  Fees are currently $700 for this four-month program, paid in advance. You may also make two payments of $400/each, payable before the first group session of Month 1 and Month 2.

See you in Mastermind!


Not ready for a QuickStart Mastermind Group just yet?  No problem.  Check out our Library!  It is filled with hours of videos educating small business owners on sales, social media (including how-to’s on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat), basic contract law, small business insurance and so much more.  And we are growing!  Our videos are from attorneys, accountants, marketing experts, financing companies, insurance brokers and others, each covering an area that will educate you about small business and help you build a strong foundation for your dream.  Do you have questions about or a suggestion for our Library Membership program? Great.  Let us know at info@startuptogrowth.com.

About Robin Suomi, MBA,  Founder of Startup to Growth, LLC.  I believe that success is rarely accidental. My passion is helping my small business clients move from concept through growth (many surpassing $1M in sales), unleashing their vitality, innovation, and creativity as they launch or grow their successful and sustainable companies in line with their vision, their way.  For over 10 years I have helped thousands of small business owners launch and grow their dreams through 1-1 and group small business coaching, technical small business consulting, mastermind groups, business plan classes, and other educational programs. As an adjunct professor, I taught Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management and Business 101 courses. Our services are delivered online through a video platform.