PowerUp Your Practice (TM)

Virtual Small Business Owner Masermind and Professional Development Groups

Yearlong virtual (Zoom) group, meeting the 2nd Wednesday of each month, from Noon to 1:30 PM ET. Members may join on a rolling basis. Give us 12 lunch hours, and we’ll help you PowerUp Your Practice! Application required. See “How to Join” below. Eligible members may renew after one year.

MEG PowerUp Your Practice groups are designed for you if you are a small business owner who wants to be part of a mastermind group and believes professional development is your pathway to building a stronger practice NOW.  

You will work virtually with fellow small business owners across the country. The primary goal of PowerUp Your Practice is to help develop YOU, the small business owner, to be the best you can be in your chosen field!

No excuses. Regardless of what is going on in the world, resolve to make the next 12 months the best ever for your small business! Wherever you are today, you can be stronger tomorrow.  

Group Makeup:

  • Entrepreneurs/small business owners who have 3 years or more of business experience and who are serious about their own professional development, which in turn will help them strengthen their practice.
  • We are exploring industry- and interest-specific groups (for example, financial advisors, insurance agents, aging-in-place specialists). If this type of growth group interests you, please indicate that on your application.


  • Connect monthly, online, for a 1.5-hour live virtual meeting the 2nd Wednesday of each month, from Noon to 1:30 PM ET
  • Programs include a combination of facilitator-led “hot topic” discussions, speaker presentations on the subjects chosen by the group, and member “hot seat” discussions
  • Meetings are interactive, encouraging lively discussion with and feedback from your fellow group members
    • Are you facing a challenge in growing your practice? You are not alone. Magic happens when we discuss our challenges as a group. Members often schedule follow-up meetings outside of MEG.
  • Your facilitator organizes your meetings and maintains your member resource area so everything is easily accessible to you
  • MEG PowerUp members also have access to office hours, select events, and educational videos throughout the year. Contact us for details.
  • MEG PowerUp members are eligible for 10% off 1-1 coaching packages over $1,500.
  • An application and follow-up discussion are required to ensure, once accepted, you are placed in the group that is best for you and your fellow group members
  • A 12-month commitment is required
    • 10% discount if paid annually, or may be paid monthly. Inquire for specific details.
    • Your annual investment for MEG PowerUp Your Practice is curently approximately $1,000; prices will increase in Q2 2022..

Sample Facilitator-Led “Hot Topic” Discussions:

  • Building Your Practice is Truly an Inside Job (It’s All About You!)
  • Right Now My Biggest Challenge Is……
  • Sales? Me? Are you serious?!!
  • Diversifying Your Client Base
  • Where Did My Self-Confidence Suddenly Go? Get Back Here!
  • Good Call, Bad Call — How to Remain Optimistic During a Day of Ups and Downs
  • How to Navigate Building Your Practice in a Man’s (or Woman’s) World
  • Courage?! Lessons from the Wizard of Oz Lion
  • Can You Do It All?  Is Work-Life Balance Real?
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Stress Management – Ways to Prevent, Relieve and Even Leverage Stress

Sample Speaker Topics:

  • Growth strategies
  • Effective communication
  • Digital strategy
  • Marketing your practice
  • Sales
  • The power of a positive mindset
  • Conflict management
  • Legal and HR topics surrounding running and growing your business
  • Financial and management challenges 
  • Exit planning
  • Other topics of interest your growth group decides upon!

You Will Empower Yourself and Your Group Members By:

  • Building relationships with your member colleagues who have your back
  • Learning from each other – through sharing your collective strengths and your collective weaknesses
  • Professional and leadership development
  • Cross-pollinating ideas with members in different regions of our country
  • Being part of an ad hoc advisory team, while often forming lifelong connections
  • Mentoring and being mentored – giving and gaining feedback on key areas of practice growth
  • Learning!  Learning!  Learning! 
  • Expanding your personal network and centers of influence
  • Gaining honest feedback, not “sugar-coated” responses that others think you want to hear
  • Accessing our resource area – your facilitator will maintain your resource area, which will include selected speaker presentations, member bios, contact info, and other resources your group chooses
  • Members may set goals and enlist accountability partners from the group (optional)

As you consider joining us, it is also important to know what we are NOT:  We are not a lead share group and our purpose is not to sell to each other.  While business opportunities may be shared over time and you might choose to enter business transactions with other members, those are secondary or tertiary outcomes. Those types of groups are great and have their purpose…simply not here.

The primary goal of PowerUp Your Practice is to help develop YOU, the small business owner, to be the best you can be in your chosen field! No excuses. Wherever you are today, you can be stronger tomorrow. 

Please contact robin@startuptogrowth.com for complete information on group openings, days/times, and pricing.  An application is required.

How to Join

  • Email robin@startuptogrowth.com to express your interest in MEG PowerUp Your Practice TM.
  • Also fill out and submit the Application. Your annual professional development investment in MEG PowerUp Your Practice is currently less than $1,000, with a 10% discount if paid annually. Monthly payment plans are also available.
  • Startup to Growth will reach out and schedule a time to chat, to see if we both agree that MEG PowerUp is a good fit.
  • If it is, we’ll discuss group openings, days/times and payment choices.

This group is part of our MEG (My Entrepreneurial Group) products/services.