Dream Big. Execute Small. Be Consistent.

Wrap it all up in a plan!

How many times have you told yourself you are going to get more sales? Create a system for sustainable growth? Introduce a new product line? Start a business? Create your plan? or … fill in the blank!? … and it doesn’t happen? Well, we’ve got a new approach to that. Check it out below or you can VISIT WEBSITE.

Dream Big

First, leave nothing on the table! Use your “magic wand,” only available during your Dream Big strategy sessions! Dig deep into your heart, your life purpose, and put it out there.  What is your BHAG – Big Hair Audacious Goal – that is sooooo big you almost can’t say it?! Congratulations, that’s what we’re talking about! Once you have that, you are on your way.

Execute Small

You generally won’t get there in huge leaps and bounds, but by small steps. Often the first step is research, finding out what already exists, what resources are available to help you reach your dream goal. Maybe you will take a course to learn more.  Want to start a business? First, find out what the steps are. Want to grow your business? Decide what you must do to make that happen – what is stopping you and how do you solve it?

Be Consistent

Doing great on Day 1 or Week 1 or even Month 1 and then doing almost nothing after that is obviously not a successful approach. Let’s say you want to grow your business. You start working your marketing and sales plan and do great the first two weeks….and then you slack off, become overwhelmed or discouraged, and do nothing.  If your dream was to build sales to X dollars in Y period of time, you just let that dream die. You…let…it…die.

Wrap It All Up In A Plan

What if, instead, you had a plan?  Your plan starts with strategy, which also helps you really define your heart goals and life purpose by exploring your values, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Then you work out your mission and vision, for your business and often for your life. Next you set STAAMPSTM goals (Stretch, Time/Deadline, Actionable, Accountable, Measurable, Priority/Relevant, System), which become stepping stones to your BHAG.  Full Circle.

Your plan also covers your current and future product/service offerings, your industry and market analysis, target market and competition, pricing, operations, marketing and sales and financial projections, and so much more. To maximize the visibility of your brand and enhance your marketing strategy, consider incorporating innovative approaches such as lorry side advertising.


Are you ready to dream big, execute small, be consistent and wrap it all up in a plan?! That is an approach for success. 

One way to achieve this is to become a member of MEG (My Entrepreneurial Group). MEG includes weekly POWER HOURS, which are co-work hours, currently Thursdays from Noon to 1 PM ET. Why is this important? You set aside dedicated time each week to work on, not just in, your business.  You meet and work with others who are doing the same. Each session includes a bit of networking (a tiny bit!), and an educational segment, too. We also have educational videos in critical small business areas in our library, with more videos being added! And we currently have introductory pricing, $97/year. Seriously.  That is less than $2/for each POWER HOUR!

There are many paths you can take to reach your goals of starting or growing your business and reaching your life goals. We wish you well on your small business and life journey!

If you want to talk over any of these steps, or have questions about how MEG might help you, reach out to us at info@startuptogrowth.com. We serve two groups: 1) startups (launch to three years in operations) and 2) growth (three years in operation to exit). We work on BHAG, STAAMPSTM goals, and planning. We are known to give valuable tips in our free consultations to get you started.

About Robin Suomi, Founder, Startup to Growth.  Robin has worked with thousands of small business owners in industries from A to Z, from solopreneur to 4 employees, from launch to $5M in sales. Startup to Growth offers affordable 1-1 Coaching and MEG (My Entrepreneurial Group) membership with POWER HOURS and educational videos help you work on your business, not just in it. More information on all coaching, MEG and business planning services at Startup to Growth.