#BeTheRiver – A Founding Principle for Small Business Owners

In the confrontation between the river and the rock, the river always wins. Always. #BeTheRiver

This is a favorite quote of mine by Louis Agassiz. I altered it by emphasizing one critical word, “Always.” As both a small business technical consultant and coach who has assisted thousands of small business owners, #BeTheRiver has become a mantra for many of my clients as they journey through the amazing, and at times difficult, small business world.

Think about it.  When we see the grandeur and strength, the beauty, of the Grand Canyon, we see that only because the Colorado River has been persevering 24 x 7 x 365 to uncover the beauty and strength of the rock.  We cherish the rock, but only because the river exposed it for us to see.  The river is key here, and it always wins.

What does this mean to you as a small business owner?  You will have down days, and days when you wonder, “What am I doing?!! It would be soooo much easier to just get a job!”  Get a team in place that helps you though those inevitable times.  We ALL have them.  Your team can be your friends and family, maybe.  Sometimes you are lucky and they understand you and what it takes to launch and grow a business, but oftentimes they do not.  If not, find a qualified small business coach, a small business mastermind group, or some other resource to keep you on track and moving toward your goals.  #BeTheRiver.  This one is up to you.  And yes, you owe it to yourself to invest time and resources in your professional development and your business.  You can do this!

By being consistent in pursuing your goals and your best life, over time you will reveal the beauty of your “rock,” your small business.  And for many small business owners, that naturally includes becoming your best self along the way.  I call that a win-win every day of the week.

#BeTheRiver each and every day, through all situations.



About Robin Suomi, MBA,  Founder of Startup to Growth, LLC.  Success is rarely accidental. My passion is helping my small business clients move from concept through growth (many surpassing $1M in sales), unleashing their vitality, innovation and creativity as they launch or grow their successful and sustainable companies according to their vision. For over 10 years I have helped thousands of small business owners launch and grow their dreams through 1-1 and group small business coaching, technical small business consulting, mastermind groups, business plan classes, and other educational programs. As an adjunct professor, I taught Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management and Business 101 courses. Our services are delivered online and in-person.

In July 2017 I will be launching a How to Start Your Business Successfully online coursewhich will educate potential small business owners about starting their own business. It will be a refresher course for the rest of us!