Three Ways To Get Your Videos Noticed Online

Today’s Guest Post is by Lorraine Rise, M.S., CPRW, CPCC, Owner, WorkSmart Career Counseling, LLC.  

Along with SEO about which you can refer this site which is good information for noobies, video production is becoming one of the most popular and effective forms of advertising. And with that, there is seen a palpable need for a video intro maker that had all the features one could get under the sun. It has been found that, in terms of effectiveness, video comes out the winner over written articles and even images. With busy lives and short attention spans these days, many consumers are looking for short and engaging messages that they can digest within just a minute or two, and videos provide that.

As a Career Coach, I began integrating videos into my marketing strategy last fall when LinkedIn introduced the ability to upload and share videos. The most obvious appeal with this method is that it’s completely free (no marketing budget needed!) and effective.

At the same time that I began experimenting with LinkedIn videos, I began trying Facebook Live broadcasts as well.  I would encourage you to start with whichever platform you are most comfortable with, but then eventually explore both. Personally, I felt more comfortable experimenting with prerecorded videos before going to live ones! If Youtube is your preferred platform, then sites like yt market would be incredibly beneficial for you.

If you want to get your videos noticed online, finding where to buy legit youtube views can reach more users with the impact of cooperative viewing! When people see videos that get more emotional impressions for longer; more good content makes positive feedback.

My most successful video was titled How To Write A Killer LinkedIn Summary (Even If You’re Not a Great Writer), which garnered attention from people all over the world and allowed me to secure my first international client! All from a four-minute video.

Why was my video so successful? Based on my own analysis and the feedback that I got from many viewers, here are the three factors that I believe made this video effective.

  1. Keep it brief. Today’s consumer has a short attention span and is busy. They have more media and “input” coming at them than ever. So, ensure you are remarketing to your visitors. It’s also recommended that you give them content in bite-sized amounts, no more than about three minutes. And, make sure that you announce the topic and the main benefit of watching the video in the first ten seconds. In order to know if they want to continue watching, they must know what they’ll get out of it—so be sure to get to the point as quickly as possible!
  2. Keep it informal. I have found that the social media posts that get the most engagement and reactions, video or not, are the ones that are authentic and personal. This means that you can show your personality! I enjoy making my videos because I use humor and speak very conversationally, the way that I would in real life or in a coaching session. This style is more interesting to listen to and viewers are more likely watch the full video if it’s funny and interesting. Be yourself!
  3. Solve a problem. After posting the video of mine that went viral, I thought for a very long time about what might have made it so successful in hopes of recreating the magic (and success) of it! At the core, I believe this topic solved a problem for many job seekers. They don’t feel confident in their writing ability and often don’t know what hiring managers want to see on a profile, thus they struggle with writing it. The video I made addressed that problem head-on and gave them a simple solution in under five minutes. When you can solve a problem for them, they will become a customer!

Creating a short video blog post as I’ve done, is simpler than you think. The only equipment I used was my laptop, the QuickTime Video Recorder, and headphones with a mic. From there, I recorded the video and uploaded it to YouTube where I could then share that URL on my social media platforms. I also integrated the URL into my WordPress blog so that there was a video to accompany the written blog post of the same name.

Video blogs are a simple, fun and free way to connect with your audience more directly. They are a great starting point for someone looking to add a new strategy into their marketing plan.


Lorraine Rise is the owner of WorkSmart Career Counseling. She works with job seekers to create successful job search campaigns, change careers and write compelling resumes. She can be reached at