Small Business Coaching Packages

Working with an experienced small business coach can be a game changer when you are starting or growing your business.  When you also become a member of Startup to Growth Library, a small business training and professional development video resource available online, anytime, you will have additional support at your fingertips.  #NoExcuses!

Do you feel you don’t have the time or resources to commit right now?
No problem.
Your competitors do.  
And they’re winning YOUR clients.

Some people prefer to work in a private setting versus within a group.  Perhaps your new idea is sensitive, or at this stage of your business growth you prefer not to share with a group.  We work with many clients who want to increase their profits, sales, customers and work-life balance. Maybe you simply want one-on-one sessions to sort out everything that is flinging itself around in your mind as we work together to put together the action steps that make the best use of your time and resources!  You may even be an executive or federal employee who is transitioning out of the employee world and want to explore whether or not entrepreneurship might be for you, but you’re not sure what entrepreneurship even looks like!  In these situations and many more, you are an ideal candidate for one-on-one coaching.

For growing companies, we typically coach for three 55-minute sessions per month, with a minimum three-month commitment (nine sessions).  We believe that new patterns of thinking, exploring possibilities and finding your true passion take time.  If you want to do something overnight, you are investigating the wrong company.  There are other companies that claim to help you discover success overnight, but not us.  Sometimes we actually do this, but it is the exception, not the rule.

Special for Growing Companies: 

Currently, when you purchase 9 sessions, you will receive a one-year Startup to Growth Library Membership at no cost (a $119 value with introductory Library pricing). Our Library contains almost 4 hours of sales, marketing, social media, legal and insurance videos.  More are being added regularly!  Once you have been approved and paid for your coaching sessions, your Library code will be emailed to you.

Growth Coaching, Limited-Time Offer

Special pricing for Startups (pre-launch to 3 years in bus., less than $99,000 annual sales):

Currently we offer special pricing for startup small business coaching.  This special offer is limited to 10 sessions total coaching time.  Each coaching session is approximately 55 minutes.  Purchased sessions expire twelve months from purchase.  Do you have questions about whether you qualify as a startup for this offer? Contact us at

Startup Coaching, Limited-Time Offer

We will need to speak with you individually before we enroll you in a coaching package.  Please schedule a 15-minute consultation appointment to speak with us, at your convenience, and we will go from there.  We wish you well on your journey!