Goals With Deadlines Are Steppingstones to Your Dreams

In this three-part series about goals, we start by defining what they are and why they are important. Next, I’ll teach you how to set great goals that are inspiring and meaningful to you. We’ll end the series by exploring how you can achieve your goals so they become your steppingstones to your dreams.

We begin with the end in mind….achieving your dreams.

Dreams Matter

We all have dreams of things we want to do, be, have or experience. Dreams are what gives our lives purpose. Dreams inspire us, give us hope, make us feel alive and motivate us. They are critical to our well-being and happiness.  Take a few moments to browse “Dream” quotes and see if you don’t come away inspired.  (Go ahead, I’ll wait for you.)  Am I right?!  Okay, dreams matter.

So, what is the relationship between goals and dreams? Goals with deadlines are steppingstones to your dreams.  When you achieve little goals, they lead to medium goals, and they lead to your BIG goals, your dreams!  And as Oprah Winfrey says, “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”  If you want to live your dreams, you’d better begin putting your steppingstones in place.

First, let’s explore what goals are.

Definition of GoalGoals Dreams Steppingstones

I’m a business person, so I looked at Business Dictionary. They define goal as, “an observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe.”  Yawn.  I love business, but this one puts me to sleep. It might be better to get some tips from successful businessmen like Bob Bratt.

Next, I went to Merriam-Webster. They define goal as, “the end toward which effort is directed.” Well, we are getting closer.  A lot of effort is involved.  But it still isn’t the definition I was looking for.

Finally, I went to Oxford Living Dictionaries. They define goal this way, “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result,” and, “the destination of a journey.”

Home run.  Yes, a goal needs to be about effort, achievement and coming to a defined end point, a destination.  However, Oxford takes it up a notch. They talk about desire.  When I work with clients to reach their goals, desire matters.  In fact, it is often their key to success when they reach those really difficult goals.  I used to sit on good chair similar to ergonomic office chair in Singapore while doing all my tasks in my table. Frankly, it usually makes the journey more worthwhile.

I believe goals are what move us forward in life toward our dreams. They are the engine of our desires, our dreams. But like a car engine, goals require a commitment on your part.  You will need to fuel them frequently and maintain them regularly.  A goal can’t just be parked in a garage and forgotten.

In Part 2, I’ll teach you how to set great goals that are inspiring and meaningful to you.


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