25% to 51% Off! Black Friday through Cyber Monday Small Business Coaching Specials!

Are you ready to make 2019 YOUR year?  Awesome! We are here to help.

About Robin Suomi, your small business coach and instructor.

25% to 51% Off Select Packages – Black Friday through Cyber Monday
Four Days of Coaching, Classes and Workshop Specials

Buy these packages for yourself or gift them to a friend or colleague.   Important points:

  • These specials end Cyber Monday, 11/26/18, at 11:59 PM.
  • Payment is to be made through PayPal using email:  info@startuptogrowth.com.
    • In some cases, you may be approved to pay by check. Contact us to ask!
  • All 1-1 coaching, private classes, and group workshops are conducted live, via Zoom (video platform; we send you a link – easy!) or telephone, your choice.
  • Gift certificates are available
  • You will have one year to schedule and complete your coaching (through 11/26/19).
    • Note: The “one year” does not apply to our 5-week workshops, which have specific, published meeting dates.
  • Contact info@startuptogrowth.com with gift certificate requests and any questions.

Okay, now let’s get to it!  We’ll see you or a friend in a coaching session, class or workshop soon!

Small Business Coaching

These customized, private coaching sessions will be conducted over Zoom (video conference, accessed via a link) or telephone, your choice. They expire after 12 months (11/26/2019).  Clients receive a pre-coaching Discovery Sheet and then various worksheets and exercises throughout our coaching, customized based upon your needs.  We work together on the goals YOU set during our sessions.  Not sure what your goals are?  No problem.  Then that’s where we start!

51% Off!  3-Pack – Three One-Hour Small Business Coaching Sessions. Expires 12 months from purchase.

1 “3-Pack”   –  3 One-Hour Sessions:     $147  ($300 Value)

2 “3-Packs” – 6 One-Hour Sessions:     $294  ($600 Value)

3 “3-Packs” – 9 One-Hour Sessions:     $441  ($900 Value)   Best Value!

Note: For a limited time, we also offer “Four 45’s” for $149” (four 45-minute coaching sessions), which is  NOT a Black Friday through Cyber Monday special.

2-Hour Small Business Classes/Coaching Combination

These customized, private coaching sessions are a combination of interactive presentation and coaching, based upon YOUR needs.  Each class is 2 hours long and you are the only student!  Your instructor will present the topic material as you ask questions specific to your situation throughout the class.  Worksheets and exercises are included.  You will often have questions after you have worked through the exercises and completed the worksheets…or you are stuck doing your “homework”!  We offer an additional hour of 1-1 coaching at a reduced price of $33 when purchased with your class. Again, they will be conducted over Zoom (video conference, accessed via a link) or telephone, your choice. They expire after 12 months (11/26/2019).

25%  to 50% Off!  How to Start a Business

We cover feasibility, strategy, marketing/sales, product/service, basic finances, and management.

2-Hour Private Class, 25% Off:                                                                           $49  ($66 Value)

2-Hour Private Class, w/Additional Coaching Hour, 50% Off:         $83   ($166 Value)

25% to 50% Off!  2019 Goals: Dare to Dream

We work with you to dream big enough, set your goals, and then create an Action Plan to achieve them!

2-Hour Private Class, 25% Off:                                                                        $48   ($65 Value)

2-Hour Private Class, w/Additional Coaching Hour, 50% Off:       $82   ($165 Value)

5-Week Small Business and Life Coaching Classes

Small group classes of up to 8 people.  We meet for 5 classes, and each class is 2.5 hours. The interactive classes are a combination of lecture and individual participation. Your instructor will present the topic material, and then the group asks questions and gains feedback, based on their individual situation.  Group members support each other through brainstorming and sharing of ideas and resources.  Worksheets and exercises are included.

25% Off!  Business Plan Boot Camp:                           $187 ($250 Value)
Five Tuesdays, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM, Jan 15, 22, 29, and Feb 12 and 19.

Make 2019 the year you get it done!  Whether you are just starting out or have been in business a while and STILL don’t have a business plan, this Business Plan Boot Camp is for you.  Meeting with up to 8 fellow business owners and future business owners, we cover Feasibility, Strategic Analysis, Products and Services, Marketing and Sales, Finances, Legal Aspects and Management and Operations. You will have free access to our online Library for the duration of the class.  Yes, there is homework!

25% Off! 5 Year Success Plan, Create/Live It NOW! $186 ($249 Val.)
Five Thursdays, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM, Jan 10, 17, 24, 31, and Feb 7.

Take “Dare to Dream” to the next level!  This life coaching class for both people who own a business and for those who don’t (and never will!).  We tackle…life!  Only YOU can make the choices that are best for YOU in your life. We give you a framework and coach you through Daring to Dream.  Throughout, we facilitate group interaction and support. We look at your values, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and use these as your foundation to create your own, personal Statement of Life. Then we kick in with goals and objectives….what YOU want to do within the next 5 years.  We cap it off with an Action Plan…how YOU will get there!

Here’s a quick example of the power of our class.  One former student desperately wanted to paint in a specific Italian style; it was high on his bucket list.  However, traveling to Italy for classes was not in his budget…so he was content to only dream.  Through our workshops, his homework was to do some research based on input from his fellow students.  Next class – he had found an instructor literally within 20 miles of his home and had already signed up to begin classes.  THAT’S the power of 5 Year Success Plan, Create It and Live it NOW!

Questions?  Contact us at info@startuptogrowth.com. 

About Robin Suomi

Robin Suomi, MBA – the founder of Startup to Growth, LLC. I’ve assisted, mentored, counseled, coached and trained thousands of small business owners like you start and/or grow their companies. My clients have ranged from pre-venture, the “I have an idea!” stage, to businesses with $5M+ in sales – and every one of them has sharpened my understanding and love of the small business world.

Early in my career, I worked as a court reporter with various legal systems throughout the United States. I saw many small business owners struggle with legal issues that resulted from their business decisions. Because of this experience, when I work with clients I am often able to highlight where they can consult with legal counsel to help prevent problems down the road.  During this period, I came to understand and appreciate small business from an owner’s point of view. I started and sold court reporting firms as I moved throughout the United States. I also used both the solopreneurship and partnership structures, hiring both employees and independent contractors.

While I enjoyed court reporting, I knew I wanted more. I just didn’t know what it was! As I continued to take college courses here and there outside my court reporting realm in the areas of photography, environmental sciences, biology, chemistry and the banking system, my true passion – small business – began to emerge.

When I moved to Virginia in 1995, I zeroed in on the formal business knowledge base I knew I’d need by completing an Associate of Science degree in Management at Northern Virginia Community College, a Bachelor of Science degree in Management at George Mason University, and a Masters of Business Administration degree at The George Washington University.

Then I really rolled up my sleeves and went to work with the Loudoun Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Inc.  I was hired as Assistant Director, and within six weeks our Board of Directors promoted me to Executive Director.  In this position, I helped start and grow businesses in Northern Virginia for more than nine years.

Soon after starting with Loudoun SBDC, Inc., I knew that I needed a better way to empower and encourage my clients.  On my own time and nickel, I attended the Coaches Training Institute and became a life coach.  These coaching skills, combined with my technical expertise as a small business counselor and former business owner, helped me deliver critical advice in ways that really resonated with my clients.

Because I love to teach, I became an adjunct professor at Northern Virginia Community College, my alma mater, in 2008. There, I taught two courses: Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.  While I know the theoretical side of business is important, I also know some clients want a practical, “walk-out-the-door-with-an-action-plan” type of knowledge. I delivered small business education in this practical format through Loudoun SBDC, Inc., where I taught the NxLeveL® business planning course as well as a business planning course that I created and tailored specifically to the needs of Virginia small business owners.

As Executive Director of Loudoun SBDC, Inc., I learned from the best business community leaders and the best small business owners! The programs I created – and the invaluable support of my staff, volunteer counselors and Board of Directors – helped Loudoun SBDC, Inc. win the U.S. Small Business Administration’s SBDC Service Excellence and Innovation Center Award for the Washington Metropolitan District Office in 2010. This was the first time in our 20+ year history we “took the prize.” I am honored to have been instrumental in elevating the stature of Loudoun SBDC, Inc. as well as growing the small business community within Northern Virginia by helping to make the dreams of thousands of small business owners come true.

Now, as principal of Startup to Growth, LLC, I’ve continued to create programs and workshops educating and empowering small business owners for continued success. I serve as Ambassador for the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, as well as serving on the Business Women of Loudoun and Small Business Council committees. In the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce, I co-chaired the Dulles Executive Women committee for two years, and co-founded the 2016 Business Success Series.

All of these activities stem from one prime motivation – I’m passionate about helping my clients start, grow and win!

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